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Our metering partners

We work in partnership with a company called Network Plus, who install and replace water meters for our customers. 

The work that Network Plus do for us

Network Plus specialist engineers will visit your home after you apply to have a water meter fitted. They will check that it’s possible to fit a new meter and install it, or replace an existing one.

Installing or replacing a water meter

You can apply to have a water meter installed through our website, where you’ll be able to choose a time slot for Network Plus to call you to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer care team who can book the appointment for you and provide you with a reference number.

If you think you have a problem with your water meter and it needs replacing, contact our customer care team. They will inform Network Plus about the work and give you a reference number.

Contacting Network Plus

Once you have a reference number, you should contact Network Plus if you:

1. need to rearrange a meter installation

2. need to rearrange a meter replacement

3. have a question about the work they will do

You can message Network Plus  or call them on 0330 678 0964.

Before you contact Network Plus, you will need to have your job reference number ready.

If the work has been completed, or you don’t have a current job number, you should contact our customer care team at Severn Trent.