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Not only does switching to a water meter help reduce your bills, it makes environmental sense too. Apply for your meter now.

Apply for a water meter

Many customers find that their bills are cheaper after switching to a water meter, and if you use less water after switching to a water meter, it makes environmental sense too. 

You can use the Consumer Council for Water's calculator to find out if you'll save money by switching to a meter.

You can trial a water meter for two years. If you feel like a water meter isn't right for you during that time, you can switch back to unmetered billing.

A meter measures the water you use, so you only pay for what you use. It can also help to save water - many people make a conscious effort to use less water once they have a meter fitted and this means a benefit for both your pocket and the environment. Using less water means less water needs to be heated. This can help you to save on your energy bills and reduce your (and our) carbon footprint.

We will fit your meter for free, just call us on 0345 7500 500 or apply online for a meter and we will arrange for one of our fitters to come to your house and fit a free water meter. We may only need to visit you once – we will check that it is suitable and fit the meter at the same time. If this isn’t possible then we may need to make another visit.

If possible we’ll fit the meter inside your existing external boundary box on the first visit.  If this isn’t possible we’ll check to see if it can be fitted inside your property also on the first visit. If fitted internally we will install a radio reading unit on top of the meter. This allows us to read your meter without having to come into your property.

If neither of these options are possible, but the meter could be fitted externally with additional work, (eg, we have to install a boundary box) we’ll arrange a second visit. This may cause a slight delay but the work will be completed within 90 days of your original application.

We do have some rules and conditions but almost all of our customers can have a meter fitted for free. We will only charge you if:        

  • We have to move the meter after we have fitted it. We will always ask you to sign to confirm that you are happy with the place we have fitted the meter on the day that it is done – this is why we ask you to pay if you change your mind.

There are some properties, especially flats, where it might not be possible for us fit a water meter at all. If this is the case, you might be eligible for one of our assessed charge tariffs. These are based on the type of home you live in (for example, flat or terraced / semi-detached / detached property). If you live alone (where no children, partner or any other individual is living at the property), you may also be entitled to our Single Occupier Assessed Charge Tariff. Please call us on 0345 7500 500 to find out more.

Apply for a free meter today and you could start to make savings on your water and energy bills.