Station Approach Bathing Rivers, Warwickshire


Job number : 6155968

Date : May 2024 to February 2025

Work type : Road closures

Our rivers are important to us. They’re where we get our wonderful water from, after all. And they mean everything to our local communities, as well as the wide range of wildlife that call them home.

As part of our Green Recovery programme – and a key element of our Get River Positive commitments – we’re going to be doing our bit to improve river health across our region and, as part of this work, create two stretches of bathing river in Shropshire and right here in Leamington on the River Leam.

We'll be carrying out network improvement works on our waste water system, with work taking place on Station Approach. Our contract partner, Forkers, will begin work on 13 May 2024, until approximately February 2025.

Please note that our programme can change due to circumstances out of our control.