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The Birmingham Resilience Project (BRP) will keep water flowing for over a millon customers across Birmingham and surrounding areas, building a lasting legacy for the future.

Our Birmingham Resilience Project

We think water is amazing and we know how important it is – that’s why all our energy goes into making sure wonderful water is available to our customers, today and in the future. It’s why we invest wisely to make sure our pipes and reservoirs are always up to the challenge. One of our investments is the Birmingham Resilience Project (BRP).

What's happening and why?

We're creating a new back-up supply for Birmingham and surrounding areas which will keep water flowing for over a million customers for now and the future.

For decades Birmingham’s water has come from Wales through the Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA) and we want to make sure customers continue to enjoy this wonderful water. The EVA is now over 100 years old and with 100 years comes wear and tear which is why we’re taking the time to service and maintain this vital aqueduct. To carry out this work, we need to take the EVA temporarily out of action and during these times the new back-up supply will provide our customers with great water.

For latest updates on progress with this work click here

What does this mean?

From the end of 2019, Birmingham will have two water sources. One from Wales and a back-up supply sourced from across the region.

Customers will continue to be supplied from the current Welsh source except when we carry out maintenance on the aqueduct (up to eight weeks a year), or in the event of an emergency when the back-up supply will be used.

Arthur Jones and the Genie of the tap

  Watch our BRP video below to find out more about the project and where your water comes from...

As seen in the video, regular checks on the EVA show that although the aqueduct is in good condition for its age, it needs some modernisation and refurbishment. Currently we can only shut down the aqueduct for five days, and in the future we may need longer periods to allow more work to be done. To do this we need to provide Birmingham with an alternative source of water. We’re therefore building a new 25km pipeline to take water from the River Severn at Lickhill to Frankley Water Treatment works. This will provide us with a backup supply of water for Birmingham during refurbishment work on the EVA and also for use in any future emergencies. For the latest update on progress with work click here.


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