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Cleaning up after a flood

Floods can cause damage to your property and leave dangerous mess and debris in or around your home.

Here’s how you can get it cleaned up safely, what you can do and how we can help.


How we can help  |  What you can do

Contact your insurer

The first thing to do before any cleaning begins is to talk to your insurer. 

They’ll be able to give you advice and guidance on how to clean up and which professional cleaning companies you could use.

You may also need to discuss any loss or damage to your home and belongings that have been caused by the flood. 

Make sure you take pictures or videos of the flooding damage before you start to clean, as these can help you with any claim you make to your insurance company. 

We can help you with an initial clean

If the flood has been caused by the public sewerage network then, once the flooding has gone down, we’ll usually be able to help you begin cleaning up.

You should contact your insurer if the flooding was caused by a problem with a private drain.

Organise a deep clean of your home or garden

You should get professional cleaners in to deep clean any affected areas of your home and outside spaces. 


Talk to your insurer about the clean-up

It’s best to talk to your insurers about the clean-up. They may have preferred organisations or companies who they’d like you to use to do a deep clean of your home. 

Always check this before you look for a private company to clean up for you.