Our River Pledges

Rivers transform the communities around them and we know that, as water companies, there is more we need to do to take a leading role in making all our rivers the healthiest they can be.

River health is essential not only to the communities we serve, but also to our ability to provide you vital water on tap. So, it makes sense for us to take a leading role in not only protecting them, but also enhancing them too.

Let’s be clear; Get River Positive is not an ambition or an aspiration. It is a firm commitment from Severn Trent and Anglian Water to take action now.

We’ve listened to you, our customers, local communities and campaign groups and each water company has committed to five pledges that lead the charge in protecting and revitalising rivers. We want everyone in our regions to hold us to account, we will publish clear measurements for success and we will be reporting back on progress regularly. 

Get River Positive is underpinned by five key pledges that pave the way for the restoration and revitalisation of the region’s rivers.​

Get River Positive Pledges

Severn Trent's commitments