Get River Positive

Rivers are the beating heart of our land and places where we can come together and celebrate nature. They do so much for the communities around them.
As a water company, we know that we can do more to protect and improve the health of the rivers.

Rivers – making them the best they can be

Rivers matter. They’re places for all of us, transforming the communities around them. And they’re home for hundreds of plant and animal species, too.

You want water companies like us to play their part in protecting rivers, improving their health today and in the future. We agree.

Severn Trent is plumbed into our region’s landscape, so river health is essential not only to the places where we all live, but also to the success of our business.

We’ve made a start, and the rivers on our patch are beginning to see change for the better. There’s more for us to do, and here you can find out what that looks like.

Storm Overflow map

Our Storm Overflow map shows detailed information about all the storm overflows across our region.

Performance data

Read our EDM (Event Duration Monitoring) Report, and keep track of how we're performing.

Our improvement plans

Our Storm Overflow Action Plan (SOAP) will show you how we’re helping to improve river health

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Getting River Positive – what this looks like

Our region’s rivers are the cleanest they have been since the 1980’s. There has been a dramatic reduction in pollution levels, and we have invested to help nature to thrive. 

Our River Rangers

We now have a dedicated team of River Rangers, patrolling our region’s rivers, monitoring their health and helping make them the best they can be.

Our £450m plan to reduce spills

Severn Trent embarks on huge engineering programme which will reduce spills at 40% of active storm overflow sites. Read all about our plans.

Sustainable water supply

We’re going further and faster to protect the health of our region’s rivers and ensure a sustainable water supply for all our customers.

Get River Positive pledges – our promises to you

Get River Positive is underpinned by five key pledges that pave the way for the restoration and revitalisation of the region’s rivers.​


Ensure storm overflows and sewage treatment works do not harm rivers 


Create more opportunities for everyone to enjoy our regions‘ rivers


Support others to improve and care for rivers


Enhance our rivers and create new habitats so wildlife can thrive


Open and transparent about our performance and our plans

Get in touch about our river plans

We know there might be something specific you want to hear about, or that you might even want to help.

Please get in touch if you have thoughts or suggestions. 

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