Introducing Get River Positive

In March 2022 Severn Trent, alongside Anglian Water, launched Get River Positive, a series of commitments that aim to make our region’s rivers the healthiest they can be. In July 2022, Hafren Dyfrdwy became the latest water company to join the pledges.  

What is Get River Positive?

Our five Get River Positive pledges are a firm commitment to act right now. Central to the pledges is a commitment that work carried out by each company will ensure storm overflows and sewage treatment works do not harm rivers.  

We understand the importance of access to nature on our customers doorsteps, which is why we are creating more opportunities for everyone to enjoy our region's rivers.

We’ve already made a start on improving 50km of rivers in Warwickshire and Shropshire. Between now and 2025 the work we’re doing will also help to move two stretches of river (on the River Leam and River Teme) towards bathing quality, and will be there to support those seeking official designation.

We are also going further to enhance our region’s rivers and encourage the return of native species of wildlife.

We will be establishing new habitats for great crested newts, beavers, otters and cuckoos, so that our natural communities can also thrive.  

Why did we launch Get River Positive?

For us, the natural environment isn’t a bolt-on, it is a vital part of our core business, and the ultimate supplier of our product.

We know that when we take care of the natural environment we take care of our water and the wellbeing of our community.

We want to do right by it so we can all enjoy it for years to come.  

Although we have improved the health of our rivers significantly in the last 30 years, we know that there is still much more to do.

We’ve listened to our customers, communities and wider stakeholders and understand the need for us to take the lead and accelerate our plans on river health.  

However, we cannot do this alone; we need everyone to understand their role in river health.

That is why we are redoubling our own efforts and investment to help others reduce the impact of other sectors as well as our own.


How to stay up to date on our Get River Positive progress

We know that clear actions and transparency on our progress will be key in making our region’s rivers the healthiest they can be.  

From campaigning for the Government to banning single use wet wipes that contain plastic to offering financial support for farmers to help move two stretches (on the river the Leam and Teme) towards bathing quality by 2025  - there’s a lot in the pipeline.  

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