Severn Trent Community Fund: core funding

2023 Core Funding is now closed

Since 2020, we’ve supported over 500 community groups with core cost funding to help them through the impact of Coronavirus and cost of living crisis. 

We understand many charities and groups urgently need financial help. So, we’ve committed to allocating £500,000 from the Community Fund to cover core costs for groups within our region that run for the benefit of local residents, supporting those most vulnerable. 

If you’re unsure whether your organisation is within our region, you can check your postcode here

Eligible charities and organisations can apply to be considered for a restricted grant of between £5,000 - £20,000 (depending on the size of the organisation) for 1 year to help them and our communities get through this very challenging time.

Severn Trent Community Fund: Core Funding will be open until midnight on Sunday 10th December 2023. Whilst we’d love to, unfortunately we won’t be able fund every application we receive.

What are core costs?

Core costs are essential costs your organisation has to keep running.

This might include management and administration, general office costs (rent and utilities), accountancy and audit, fundraising, communications and governance/compliance costs.

You can apply to us to cover any of these costs.

Our Core Costs grants are awarded as restricted funding. They must be used to cover your organisation’s essential running expenses which you include in your application.

What we can’t fund:

Check your organisation is eligible and fits our aims

Does your organisation run for the benefit of the local community, supporting those most vulnerable? 

Do you have a real and measurable impact on improving community wellbeing in our region? 

Are you finding it hard to maintain your organisation's current activities and need urgent financial help to cover your running costs? 

Who we can fund

You can apply for a core funding grant if your organisation:

Who we can't fund

Existing applicants of Severn Trent Community Fund

If you are in your current grant period for new project funding, you can also apply for core funding support!

If you are in your current grant period for core funding, we’re sorry you cannot apply again for this round. 


Ensure you have the correct documentation to fill out your application

If you do not have all or any of these in place, let us know! We may be able to signpost you to advice and guidance. 

Evidence Provide at application stage Provide at grant offer stage
Legal Structure
A legal structure that is appropriate to the size and nature of the organisation, set out in a constitution or memorandum/articles of association that clearly outlines the aims and rules governing the organisation. This should include not for profit status, application of income and a dissolution clause/asset lock.
Accounts & Financial Management
Full accounting records which are appropriate to the size and nature of your organisation including income and expenditure accounts plus the balance sheet. We will need to see the latest financial records from the last 5 years, draft accounts for the current year and financial plan for the coming year. 
Bank Statement
A recent bank statement (dated within the last three months) to confirm where the grant if awarded will be paid.
Bank Account Signatories
Bank Account with at least two signatories for joint authorisation (not related or living at the same address).
Policies and Procedures
You will need to ensure you have policies and procedures in place relevant for your organisation. If you are unsure you can get help from your local infrastructure organisation or online sites such as the NSPCC
Yes - confirmation only  
Organisations must ensure that appropriate insurance certification and licences are in place. For example, public liability, professional indemnity (where appropriate) and employer’s liability. 
Yes - confirmation only If requested

IMPORTANT: We can only accept 1 application for this new round of core funding from your organisation. Please let your colleagues know that you are applying to our Fund. 

Filling out the application

Once you have checked your organisation and request is eligible, and read all our guidance, you are ready to get started. These are the steps you’ll need to follow:

The date you submit your application will influence how long the decision process takes, but we will always try to let you know the final outcome of your application within 6 weeks of submission.

Review process

Once you have submitted your application, your application will be assessed and prioritised by taking the following points into consideration:

If your application is ineligible or is not a strong fit for our criteria, we will let you know that your application has unfortunately not been successful. 

Unfortunately due to the high levels of applications we’re anticipating, if your application is not successful, the decision cannot be appealed and you won’t be able to apply to be considered for core funding support again this year.

Payments and monitoring

Payment structure

Grants are paid in one payment by BACS transfer into your organisation’s bank account.

The payment will be made following acceptance of the grant and receipt of any additional required documents, as detailed in your offer letter.

Provide us with reports and updates on your grant

All successful applicants will be required to complete an interim and End of Grant report, which we’ll provide you with templates for. Information required includes:

We’d also love to see any photos or video clips you may have showing the impact your service is having on our communities, so please do send us any over that we’re allowed to share with our networks.

Your Grant Agreement lasts for 1 year after your funding period ends. 


Applications for new projects

Whilst your core funding application is active, you are welcome to apply to the separate Severn Trent Community Fund for new projects. This is paused at the moment and will resume awarding in March 2024 for applications of over £10,000, and May 2024 for applications of £2,000 - £10,000. 

If you have any queries about Severn Trent Community Fund: Core Funding that aren’t covered above or you’re unsure whether your organisation’s financial status or eligibility is acceptable for the fund, please email us at