About Us

Severn Trent’s Environmental Protection Scheme

Our grant programme is part of our ongoing commitment to protect our plant, soil, biodiversity and water environment. At the same time supporting the productive sustainable use of these valuable resources.

STEPS is part of Severn Trent’s Farming 4 Water catchment management programme.   The grant programme provides a wide range of options to farmers for infrastructure investments and land management items. It is a voluntary scheme which is solely funded by Severn Trent and delivered in partnership with local Wildlife Trusts, River Trusts and South Staffordshire Water. Farmers can apply to fund environmental projects on farm, from the pre-defined list of funding options.

These funds have helped with projects ranging from cover crops, to fencing, to pesticide wash-down areas, and biobeds/biofilters.  We also consider items that aren’t listed if they are innovative and support you and the wider goals of the programme. So, if you’ve got a great idea, then you can apply for under innovation – a good place to start is chatting to our team, they can give you support and guidance to help you get started.

We will match-fund up to £5,000 per application. For larger projects, and where possible, we will consider spreading the funding across two application years.

Deadline Extended – Closing date now 14th February 2020

Am I eligible?
  • Do you farm, or have land in a priority catchment in the Severn Trent Region?  View our map to find out.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 hectares of land, and this can be owned or leased.  You must be actively farming your land.
  • To find out more contact your local agricultural advisor 

*Please note that these are the basic requirements, please read our full terms and conditions found in our handbook - A Guide to STEPS (PDF)  

How do I apply?

The grant scheme is a competitive process and all our applications are assessed and reviewed based on the farms individual circumstances and the options you choose to apply for.

We advise you to read the handbook before making an application – this will improve the chances of you making a successful application.  Applicants demonstrating a clear water quality benefit to the issues of concern in that area and who have engaged with our local agricultural advisor are most likely to be successful.   Also working with your local Agricultural Advisor gives your grant application further chances for success.   To find your local Agricultural Advisor click the link here <>.

  • Download our handbook - A Guide to STEPS (PDF)
  • For a full list of options available, benefits and costs, download our brochure (PDF).
  • Click apply now below to apply online. If you need help with your application or access to online services – please speak to your Agricultural Advisor who can help you