Adapting to climate change

The changing climate is already having an effect on the water cycle, and that impact will only increase over time. The climate drives many of our critical functions, such as the filling of our reservoirs, demand for water, as well as promoting health and wellbeing benefits. As part of our remit to protect nationally critically infrastructure on which others depend, we have an important role to understand, prepare and respond to a changing climate. We continue to track how the climate impacts our operations to assess and manage climate risks which are outlined in a number of reports which outline what the potential impacts might be and how we are preparing.

Climate change adaptation report 2021

Severn Trent Water’s 2021 Climate Change Adaptation Report, produced as a response to the invitation from Defra to report under the Adaptation Reporting Power as set out in the Climate Change Act 2008, helps the UK government to understand the level of risk that society is exposed to nationally and inform the level of response being taken to manage these risks.

Our climate change risks and opportunities are outlined in our Task Force for Climate Related Disclosure (TCFD) in our ARA.

Here is how we are protecting and enhancing nature

Our previous Adaptation Reports

As a water company we are acutely aware of the day-to-day impact that weather can have on our business. As well as being able to cope with the weather today, it is vital that we look to the future to understand the action we need to take to prepare for climate change.

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