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Investing in Birmingham's wonderful water

For the first time in history, Birmingham will have an essential back-up water supply. For decades over a million people across Birmingham have been supplied with water
from Wales through the Elan Valley Aqueduct. The aqueduct is an incredible piece of engineering created by the Victorians to bring water 70 miles from Wales to Birmingham.

The water from Wales is much-loved and Severn Trent want to make sure the people of Birmingham continue to enjoy this wonderful water long into the future.
After a century of use the aqueduct requires regular maintenance and to carry out repairs, our engineers need take the aqueduct out of action from time to time, so they
can get inside. The new back-up supply will keep water flowing for people across the city, so that this vital maintenance can be carried out and insuring the aqueduct can
serve the city for the next 100 years.