We're working with the community in Ironbridge to schedule work

We're planning an upgrade to the sewer pipe network in Ironbridge.  The plan is to install a new pipe in the town to make sure that the system is more resilient in the future and to protect the river.

Carol Bloor, Community Officer, explains:  “We’ve seen in recent months and years that the sewer pipe network in Ironbridge is in need of a bit of tlc, so we need to get into the area to work to make sure there are no more issues in future.  To do this, we’ll be installing a new resilience pipe which will allow the waste water to be taken away safely while we refurbish and improve the current system.  We need to work in the area along Waterloo Street, across the Free Bridge and along the Severn Valley Way on the South bank.”

Our representatives met with local stakeholders, including Councillor Nicola Lowery in December about the work which had been planned to start in March 2019.  The local stakeholders raised concerns as they were worried about the disruption this would cause to the local community and disruption to businesses during the spring and summer, particularly as the much loved Iron Bridge has only just reopened following refurbishment throughout 2018. 

Carol continued: “We think that working with the local community when we do work like this is extremely important as they obviously know the area much better than we do and can advise on the best way to do the work with the absolute minimum disruption.  We listened to the concerns raised by local stakeholders and were determined to do everything possible to help find a better solution to get the work done.

“After considering the passionate views and input from local stakeholders and working alongside the local Borough Councillor Nicola Lowery, with 2019 being a really special year following restoration of Iron Bridge, we’re pleased to say that we have taken the decision to delay beginning these works until September 2019.   We all think that this will be a much better option as it will prevent any disturbance from this work during the spring and summer season for residents, businesses, tourist attractions and importantly visitors coming along to see the iconic Iron Bridge.  We’re looking forward to working with the community again when the work gets underway later in the year to make sure they are fully aware of the works and shall be releasing further information on the planned programme in the coming weeks.”

Cllr Nicola Lowery, Borough Councillor for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “These works by Severn Trent are vital to improve resilience to the sewer pipe network in Ironbridge.  However, it is
essential that the works are carried out in a way which limits disruption to our local community, to ensure the impact to residents and our business community is kept to an absolute minimum.  Both I, as the Ward Member, and several of our local stakeholders  expressed considerable concern to Severn Trent about initially beginning these works in the Spring given the impact on our local economy within the last year due to the Iron Bridge Conservation Project.  I am therefore delighted that Severn Trent has listened to the representations made and have agreed to delay the works until September, which will hopefully provide more time to ensure everyone is aware of the works proposed.  I would like to thank Severn Trent for listening to our concerns and it is important that consultation now gets underway in the coming months with our community so everyone is fully aware of the works and the appropriate plans are put in place to limit disruption”.