Warwickshire’s water and waste whizz kids

Thursday 26th January 2017

If Camp Hill Primary School kids were tested on how to save water and what not to flush down the loo, it would be A’s all round for these little superstars.

The Nuneaton school children are now experts in water efficiency and sewer savviness, after Severn Trent dropped by to deliver an important assembly this week.

Community relationship advisor Malcolm Smith, who delivered the assembly to the whole school, said “It’s important that everyone understands we don’t have a never-ending supply of water and that it’s vital we don’t waste it.

“Simply swapping a bath for a shower can save a staggering 44 litres of water. Around 12 litres of water is used when people brush their teeth and leave the tap on so, by turning the tap off, you can save more than nine litres of water. These small actions can make big changes and ones that we encourage the children to make and, just as importantly, to share with their families.”

Severn Trent supplies 1.8 billion litres of drinking water each day, which is the equivalent of 720 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The company also collects around 32,000 litres of waste water a second, every day.

“As well as water usage, we also talked about what you should and shouldn’t flush down the toilet,” said Malcolm. “It’s really important we teach the younger generation how to look after our sewers to make sure that we can cut blockages and sewer flooding, so we showed them how things like wipes and nappies should always be binned and not flushed; and fat and oil from cooking should be put into the bin and not down the drain.”

“We want to be able to supply everyone with the water they need and to take away the waste, efficiently and problem free. Making small changes like remembering to turn the taps off and binning wipes is something that absolutely everyone will benefit from.”