Warwickshire youngsters leading the way when it comes to water

Friday 15th September 2017

Children at a school in Warwickshire are now leading the way in good water and waste habits, thanks to a special visit from Severn Trent.

Pupils from Bournebrook C of E Primary school in Fillongley had a day learning about where water comes from, why it’s important to think before they flush and what they can to help save water.

Malcolm Smith from Severn Trent, who visited the school, said: “There’s no such thing as an everlasting supply of water, so it’s really important that children understand where it comes from and how important it is to not waste it.

“We spoke about how they can save water, and also talked about how they can help prevent nasty blockages and flooding, by thinking about what they flush down the toilet.”

Severn Trent clears around 1,500 tonnes of wipes and other items that shouldn’t be flushed from its sewers across its region every weekend, and encourages customers to flush only the 3 P’s – paper, poo and pee.

“Hopefully the children will pass on our water saving tips and 3 P message to help keep our sewers flowing and blockage free,” said Malcolm. “The school’s pupil council has an action plan to make sure everyone knows about saving water and keeping the sewers clear, so Bournebrook school will be leading the way as water saving experts and making sure everyone sticks to the 3 P rule!”

Bournebrook School Head Teacher, Alison Patchett added: "We’re looking forward to our school council putting some of the great ideas for saving water into action in school.  Being in a community that’s been prone to flooding, it’s also been good for the children to learn about the work Severn Trent does and how households can help."

Malcolms top water saving tips:

•    Turn the tap off when brushing teeth, this can save nine litres of water

•    Taking a quick shower instead of a bath, can save 40 litres of water

•    Get a water butt, and water your garden and flowers with the collected rainwater

•    Wash your car with a bucket and sponge, not a hosepipe – or just wash the windows, lights and mirrors

•    Watch out for a leaky loo – stuck buttons on dual flush toilets can waste hundreds of litres of water every day.

If you’d like to order some free water saving devices and a gunk pot to help keep your sewers clear, then visit