Use a WaterSafe plumber this winter

The cold weather that we’re seeing at the moment can wreak havoc on water pipes, and we're reminding our customers to make sure any plumbing work is done properly.

As temperatures drop, we tend to see more leaks and bursts, both to our pipes and also to pipes in homes and businesses that the property owner is responsible for.  Working with WaterSafe, we're warning homeowners about the costly risks of using a dodgy tradesperson.

Ian Mitchell, water fittings regulations manager, said: “Research shows that most people these days tend to choose a plumber based on cost alone, and don’t often think to check if they’re properly qualified to do a job.  And with the cold weather in full swing, a lot of people might be thinking about tackling a bit of DIY on burst pipes around the house themselves. 

“Not using a properly qualified plumber is not only dangerous, it’s a false economy and could end up costing the homeowner a lot of money and a lot of hassle to put right.  The average cost to put a job right comes in at a whopping £426.  Furthermore, there are the safety implications.  Water safety in the home is of paramount importance and by using a dodgy tradesman, homeowners are not considering the risk that contaminated water poses.  When it comes to a gas job, we know to look for a Gas Safe fitter, why not the same for water?”

Helping to pull the plug on rogue plumbers is WaterSafe - a national register, accreditation body and online directory designed to provide home and business owners with a trusted, credible source of approved plumbing businesses in their area.  And we're wholeheartedly supporting the campaign to get the nation clued up to only using trusted plumbers.  

Ian added: “WaterSafe’s website allows customers to search for an approved plumber in their area, making sure that they’re getting a safe and competent tradesman to carry out work in their home.  By using a properly qualified professional with this scheme, we can work together to drive out unethical plumbers and raise safety standards.  For us, the motto is ’be safe, be Watersafe’.”

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