Unused village land set to be transformed into a community wetland area following Severn Trent Community Fund award 

Thursday 22 February 2024

A Nottinghamshire village is set to create a new wetland and walking area for the community to enjoy after receiving a grant from Severn Trent. 

The ‘unused and unloved’ area, which is now known locally as Coronation Bank, is located on the bank of the River Fleet in Winthorpe, and has been untouched for years.

But after receiving a grant for £4,500 from Severn Trent’s Community Fund, Winthorpe with Langford Parish Council will transform the area into a new space for the local community to enjoy, as well as creating improved wildlife habitats and boosting biodiversity.

Paul Smith, Chair of Winthorpe with Langford Parish Council, said: “When we were told that we’d been awarded the grant, my reaction was ‘thank you very much, wow” – it was, and is, a very big talking point across the village.

“In Winthorpe we’re lucky to have a lot of play areas for children, open spaces and amenities within the village, but this piece of land has always been unused and unloved.

“It will be a major change to the environment in that area in many ways such as supporting the bird population and providing a habitat for bees. For the local community it will free up an area of the village that is unused; it will be a nice area for dog walkers; people will be able to spend some time on the seats we’ll put in; and we’ll look to involve the local school, as well as scouts from nearby villages – it will certainly improve the community spirit.”

The first part of the transformation will start in March, when a new walkway will be laid out to join an existing path that will lead into the centre of Coronation Bank. The path will be raised by concrete pillars to ensure it doesn’t get waterlogged. 

This will be followed by work to strip back vegetation currently on the site, and work to re-plant with ground cover, wildflowers and shrubs, to encourage the introduction of different species to the area.

Paul added: “We’re a small parish council so we haven’t got lots of money - if we want to do anything significant, we have to ask for help. Severn Trent have been incredibly helpful, so this has been tremendous.

“It will benefit all age groups - we’ll make sure that local children will be involved in the process and that they will be able to experience Coronation Bank once its finished. For all residents, it will provide a new area to explore and spend some time where they’ve never been able to before and experience the environment there.”

Severn Trent’s Community Fund was created for community groups and projects that aim to improve community wellbeing.

Sue Heyes, Severn Trent Community Fund Officer, said: “Winthorpe has a really strong local community and it is evident how much this space will be appreciated by all who use it.

“It will also have a wonderful impact to the biodiversity in the area, so we can’t wait to see how this project progresses later this year.”

To find out more about the fund, and what projects have been awarded, please visit stwater.co.uk/communityfund.