Superstar diva creates a stink for Severn Trent

Monday 12th June 2017

International superstar diva Miss Piggy, is no stranger to taking centre stage and performing all over the world…

But the prima donna pig’s latest appearance was far from glamorous, after a plastic figurine of the Muppet Show’s top performer turned up at a Severn Trent sewage pumping station in Worcester.

Sarah Tooze, from Severn Trent, said: “We all know there’s nothing happier than a pig in muck, but Miss Piggy has taken it a bit far this time. As much as it’s great to have her pop by, we really don’t want to see her in the sewers as it can cause problems for our customers.”

In the last year Severn Trent has been called out to nearly 50,000 blockages across its region that have been caused by sewer misuse.

Miss Piggy joins a long list of strange and unusual items that have been found in the company’s sewers, including cutlery, pants, false teeth, slippers, and even a motorbike.

“It’s important that people remember that our sewers are only designed for paper, poo and pee,” said Sarah. “Anything else, such as wipes, sanitary towels, and even famous Muppets can create blockages that can cause flooding in people’s homes. Something I’m sure nobody wants to experience.”

Severn Trent looks after 57,000 miles of sewer pipes and collects 32,000 litres of waste water every second, so making sure it’s network is well looked after is important in ensuring its customers are protected.

Sarah adds: “We’ve cleaned Miss Piggy up and sent her back to Hollywood to be reunited with Kermit, hopefully that’s the last time we have any Muppets in our sewers.”