Snow not stopping Severn Trent engineers 

11th December 2017

The snowy conditions over the last few days mean that, while Severn Trent engineers are out and about as normal, the company is prioritising issues where customers are directly affected until things are back to normal.

While some standard appointments have been postponed, the company is committed to keeping water flowing for its millions of customers through its treatment works and field engineers. With driving more difficult on side and higher roads, Severn Trent teams are being careful and making certain it’s safe before setting off for calls.

Sarah Bentley, Chief Customer Officer at Severn Trent, said: “We know how important it is for our customers to have water, and to have their waste water taken away, and that doesn’t stop when it snows, but we’ve also asked all our colleagues to make sure they’re safe.

“With that in mind, we’ve made sure we can keep our treatment works fully operational, our contact centres staffed and our field teams ready to get out and about if they’re needed.

“It’s not quite business as usual, as response times might be a little delayed in the difficult driving conditions, but we hope our customers won’t see too much difference.”

Severn Trent is also taking the opportunity to remind people to prepare for winter by lagging their pipes which will help pipes bursting, potentially causing damage to homes.

As the company is responsible for pipes in the public highway, any issues inside a property boundary are the responsibility of the homeowner.If pipes do become frozen, they should be checked for splitting and, if there is any problems, they should call a plumber before they thaw.

The company has also urged people to make sure they know the location of their stop tap in case of any issues during the cold weather.

While many of Severn Trent’s visitor sites were shut because of the snow yesterday, most are either open, or looking to open, today. Carsington, Upper Derwent Valley, Draycote and Tittesworth are all open, and Staunton Harold and Foremark are looking to open later.