Sewer work update on Earls Common Road, Stock Green

Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 16:15

We’ve been carrying out essential sewer work on Earls Common Road in Stock Green since last Friday and we’re incredibly sorry for the delays and frustration the road closure has caused.

The problem has been caused by a blockage in the sewer. The sewer is large and deep and specially sealed so that the sewage can be moved by a special type of vacuum pumping station. It was also weighed down with concrete, which is why it’s taken us time to dig and cut through this to access the sewer.

The reason we had to fully close Earls Common Road was to make sure that everyone was safe because there was a chance that, if we let cars drive over the rest of the sewer, they might cause further sink holes, which could damage pipes and cables under the ground.

Please be assured that if you haven’t spotted our teams out and about on the ground, we’ve been incredibly busy planning what is a very complicated job.

We aim to have all work complete and all barriers and fencing removed by late Monday 3rd April.

Thank you for your ongoing support whilst we resolve this complex sewer issue.If you have any queries please call 0800 783 4444 or tweet us @stwater.

We’ll also keep this page updated with progress.