Severn Trent scheme makes a Big Difference for Leicester cancer survivor

Monday 13th February

Severn Trent is encouraging cash-strapped customers in Leicester to apply for the Big Difference Scheme which could cut their water bills by up to 90 per cent.

The scheme, which is run by the company in partnership with the Severn Trent Trust Fund (STTF) and Citizen’s Advice, has already helped one customer in Leicester to manage her finances.

Janet Cave, who is from the Leicester Forest East area, was working full time and caring for her husband, who has multiple sclerosis, when she herself was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.Finding herself in a position where she was off work for two years and without pay Janet reached out to the Big Difference Scheme.

She explains: “Being diagnosed with cancer was devastating for me. I had a lot to cope with and the added pressure of worrying about money was difficult. I have always worked and never thought that I would be in a position of not being able to pay our bills.

“The STTF were brilliant as they provided help via the Big Difference Scheme, just when I needed it.  The whole process was simple and quick and helped me through a very difficult period.”

Janet is home now and on the road to recovery.  She is still undergoing treatment and does not know what the future holds but has the financial security to focus on getting well and continuing to care for her husband without worrying about getting into debt.

Janet added: “The STTF and the Big Difference Scheme helped put me in a position where I can be optimistic about the future.  I am one of the lucky ones having survived  a stage four cancer diagnosis and can move forward to  a new era of my life, better equipped to face the future.”

Mark Grice, from Severn Trent, said: “We’re so pleased that the Big Difference Scheme was able to have such a positive effect and made things a little easier for Janet at a very difficult time.“

The Big Difference Scheme is designed for absolutely anyone who is struggling to pay their bills, we know it can be easy to overspend and, if you find you’re unable to pay your bill, then we can help you.”

The scheme is available to anyone who finds they are struggling to make ends meet and customers do not need to be on benefits to apply.

Visit tot find out if you qualify for the Big Difference Scheme or you can all the Severn Trent Trust Fund on 0300 123 0890.

Alternatively you canr contact Citizens Advice on 02476 252 600 or email