Severn Trent leads the way in raising awareness of menopause in the workplace

Wednesday 9th August

Severn Trent has opened up the conversation on menopause in the workplace by holding a special workshop at its HQ in Coventry.

More than 90 guests, which included Severn Trent staff alongside representatives from water companies across the country, attended the session which gave an insight into the impact menopause can have on everyone in the workplace and what support is available.

Evelyn Dickey, from Severn Trent, said: “We’re really focused on making Severn Trent an awesome place to work for all our employees. In the past the menopause might have been seen as a ‘taboo’ subject but we’re committed to changing that and making everyone aware of the support on offer.

“The changing age of our workforce means that more and more women are experiencing symptoms in the workplace, but we know that lots of people don’t feel comfortable talking about it with their line managers. We’re really passionate about changing that and this event was just the start. Our key message is that menopause is not a women's issue, everyone needs to know about it.

"As we move forward these sessions will become business as usual right across the company, so that we make sure all our staff have the knowledge and support they need – when they need it most.”

A series of experts from Henpicked presented at the session including Deborah Garlick, Director at Henpicked, menopause expert Diane Danzebrink and Sue Fish, a former Chief Constable with Nottinghamshire Police.

Juliet Saimbi, who was instrumental in organising the landmark event for Severn Trent, also spoke at the session, she added: “I really want to get the conversation started about menopause, which is why I thought it was so important to share my own story. The impact it can have on women in the workplace can be huge, but by making sure they have the right support and giving our line managers the confidence to help, we can really make a difference.”

The company will be providing a menopause support guide for all employees and further awareness sessions are now scheduled to take place on a regular basis.