Severn Trent Community Champions clean up River Sowe in Coventry

Thursday 19th October

Severn Trent’s Community Champions have been out and about in Coventry helping clear up the banks of the River Sowe.

The team of 13 volunteers spent a day clearing litter and rubbish from the grass and bushes at the side of the river as part of a partnership with Waterside Care and the Friends of the River Sowe community group.

Nicole Westcott, who was one of the Severn Trent volunteers, said: “It was great to be able to take some time to get outside and help in the local community by clearing some of the stuff that had been dumped alongside the river.

“We found everything from a mattress to a shopping trolley, as well as several tyres, a scooter and a couple of bicycle wheels. We also cleared what felt like a complete wardrobe of clothes and filled 30 bin bags with litter.

“By the end of the day we’d made a real difference to that stretch of the river, which included a children’s play area, which can now be enjoyed by wildlife and members of the local community.”

The clean-up day was part of Severn Trent’s Community Champions scheme which allows every member of staff to spend two working days a year doing voluntary work.

Leanne Town, who organises the scheme, added: “We’re big believers in volunteering, which is why we encourage and empower our employees to get out and about in their communities.

“Whether it’s volunteering at our one of our stunning visitor sites, supporting our chosen charities or working with our key partners to help make our region’s rivers even healthier, we’re proud that our Community Champions are helping to make a real difference.”