Severn Trent’s Wiggle Blaster blasts through ahead of schedule in Newark.

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Severn Trent’s Wiggle Blaster has lived up to its name and blasted its way under Newark, way ahead of schedule.

The state-of-the-art tunnelling machine was launched only last month and has already arrived at its destination, over a week early.

Tim Sawyer from Severn Trent said: “This is great news for the project, as it means we’re making time and able to start work putting in the bigger, better sewers that will protect our customers from flooding earlier than expected.”

Severn Trent is currently investing £60 million to improve the water and waste services in Newark, with contract partners BNM Alliance carrying out the work.

This is the company’s largest investment in the East Midlands, with work expected to be completed by 2020.

“Thanks to the Wiggle Blaster, we now have tunnel over 200 metres that’s been created underground all without anyone knowing it’s there, minimising the number of roads we need to dig.”

With a diameter of 2.1 metres, the Wiggle Blaster is the second largest tunnelling machine that will be used in Newark.

The project’s largest tunnelling machine will be launched next month, and will create a tunnel large enough for a transit van to drive down.

“It’s really exciting times for the project, as the tunnelling forms such a huge part of the project and we’re making great progress with it. We’re really looking forward to the people of Newark seeing the benefits of the work, and we’re really thankful for the support and patience we’ve been given as we work in the town.”

When completed in 2020, more than 400 homes and businesses will have extra protection from sewer flooding, with 15 miles of new and improved water and waste pipes built for Newark.

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