Severn Trent’s work on Castle Gate continues to progress well in Newark

Thursday 24th May 2018

Severn Trent’s £60m investment in Newark continues to progress well, as work continues on Castle Gate.

The company has now completed a section of work in the centre, which now means traffic will be able to use the roundabout again to get onto Beast Market Hill.

Nick Wallace from Severn Trent said: “Our work on Castle Gate is such an important part of the project and we’re happy to say that a section is now complete, so we will be able to turn traffic onto the roundabout again from Bar Gate, whereas before the traffic was directed to turn in front of the roundabout.

“This means cars wishing to turn right onto Beast Market Hill from Bar Gate, will be able to turn right by using the roundabout, and the existing two-way traffic flow will now go back to a single lane again. Cars still won’t be able to drive all of the way around the roundabout until the one way system finishes in mid June ”

Severn Trent is currently working on Castle Gate as part of its multi-million pound investment to improve the town’s water and waste services, which will see over 400 homes and businesses protected from sewer flooding by 2020.

Earlier this month, ‘The Siege Breaker’, the state-of-the-art tunnel boring machine, also completed its nine month journey underground, creating a tunnel that is three kilometres long and big enough to drive a transit van through which will allow for the much needed bigger and better sewers to be installed.

“We really appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we continue to work on Castle Gate,” adds Nick. “We hope now with some of the traffic management changes, it will start to make it easier for the people of Newark to get around the town.”

The changes to the Castle roundabout will start on Tuesday 29 May and the existing one way system will remain in place on Castle Gate until all work is complete.

Severn Trent is also running a shuttle bus until mid June, and it is free for anyone to use when visiting the town to help keep local businesses open during the construction.BNM Alliance are carrying out work on behalf of Severn Trent.

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Current one way system arrangement:

•    Vehicles travelling from Bargate towards Great North Road are required to turn in front of the roundabout

•    There are two lanes of traffic on The Wharf side of the roundabout, one for inbound traffic and one for outbound traffic

From the 29th May we will be altering the traffic management to allow us to put the roundabout back to normal in time for the end of the one way system in mid June. While we are working on the roundabout:

•    Vehicles heading from Bargate towards Great North Road will be required to travel around the roundabout on the Castle side to head out of Newark on Great North Road

•    There will be one lane for inbound traffic on The Wharf side of the roundabout and one lane for outbound traffic on the side next to the castle.