Severn Trent’s teams in Cheltenham find themselves in a pants situation

Thursday 4th July 2019

 Anyone missing a pair of snazzy pants? 

Teams at Severn Trent’s Hayden Sewage Treatment works in Cheltenham found a pair of men’s underpants, after they made their way through the sewer system.

The pants, along with joggers, false teeth and tennis balls are just a few of the things the company finds in its sewers daily, that could easily cause blockages and problems for its customers.

Grant Mitchell, from Severn Trent said: “We’ve found ourselves in another pants situation, in that it was only last year where we found a pair of woman’s underwear, so we’re getting quite the collection now.

“It’s clear that pants are not made for the sewers. and whoever owns these are lucky that they didn’t cause a blockage or flooding for them or their neighbours.”

Severn Trent has found many unusual things in the sewers, none of which should be there. This includes, false teeth, toys, tennis balls, cutlery and even a motorbike broken down in parts.

The company clears around 50,000 blockages every single year, and says it’s a problem that’s causing millions of pounds that could be avoided.

“Although it’s interesting to see what comes through the system, we’d really prefer it if pants and anything else that isn’t paper, poo or pee, stayed out of the sewers - so everything can work properly for everyone.”

The company advises all its customers to bin all fats, oils and greases, and to only flush pee, paper and poo into its network to help prevent blockages and flooding for its customers.