Severn Trent’s £7 million investment for Buxton customers continues

Tuesday 27th November 2018

Severn Trent’s £7m investment in Buxton is continuing to make good progress, as work to refurbish the water network continues.

The company is installing brand new water pipes to provide the town with a more resilient water supply, that will serve the area with wonderful water for years to come.

John Springett, programme engineer for Severn Trent, said: “While we’ve had to overcome a few obstacles with the ground conditions during the project, we’re making some great progress and have completed work in areas where customers can already start to see the benefits.

“We’ve recently started replacing the pipes in Blackwell, Chelmorton Village and Burlow Road, and we’re expecting that work to be complete next year.”

Severn Trent partners Amey is carrying out work on behalf of the company, with more work due to start in the New Year.

“We’re investing a lot of money in Buxton, as we know how important it is to have water when you need it,” adds John. “We’re really thankful to the local people who have been supportive during our work, and we’re looking forward to finishing the project so everyone can enjoy the benefits, and have a water supply they can rely on for years to come.”

The scheme forms part of Severn Trent’s commitment to investing in its infrastructure which will see the equivalent of £1,300 invested for every home and business it serves between 2015 and 2020.