Severn Trent welcomes on board new class of leaders and experts

Monday 7th October 2019

Severn Trent has welcomed 20 starters onto its leadership programme as part of its ongoing commitment to bringing the next generation of leaders and technical experts into its business.

The new recruits, made up of graduates and internal colleagues, have just completed a week-long induction, where they got to grips with how the FTSE 100 company caters for its eight million customers.

Marie Smart, New Talent Manager at Severn Trent, said: “We’re really excited to welcome this new wave of talent to the company, as we know they’ll help transform our business and make sure we continue to provide a brilliant service to all of our customers, while also helping shape the future of Severn Trent.

“Every one of them brings huge potential and unique talents that will prove to be massively beneficial for us and our customers. Our leadership development programmes are designed for them to get a true understanding and feel for Severn Trent so they can then go on to become future experts and leaders in their areas.”

The company offers a number of different leadership development schemes including;

• Technical Leadership – Engineering

 • Technical Leadership – Technology

• Technical Leadership – Finance 

• Technical Leadership – Project Management 

• Business Leadership 

“We want to make sure our new talent get off to the best start,” adds Marie. “So the induction week was the perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other, visit our sites, learn more about what we do before they begin in their first placements this week.”

Rachel Johnson, who has joined the Technology scheme said: “The induction week was the perfect combination of fun and information. It was really great to learn more about how we’re improving our business, what we do for our customers and how we look after our employees. 

“I also think the half day training on Mental Wellbeing was really valuable but the highlight of the week was our Community Champions day at Draycote Water. What a fab way to get to know the rest of the team!”

For more information about Severn Trent leadership programmes visit: