Severn Trent wants Burton locals to think before they flush

Monday 13th February 2017

It’s easy to flush and forget when it comes to toilets, but Severn Trent is urging people in Burton upon Trent to spare a thought for each other when it comes to their toilet habits.

Teams of engineers are becoming regular visitors to the Staffordshire town’s sewers because people are repeatedly flushing items down the loo that cause problems for the sewers.

Laura Williams, community relationship advisor, explains: “We’re asking the people of Burton to think about what they flush for their own benefit. The simple fact is that, if you flush the wrong things down the toilet, you might block the sewers and end up with sewer flooding in your home and your neighbours’ homes.

“So what we’re asking everyone to do is to think about what you flush and to bin all wipes and sanitary products to help keep the sewers flowing.”

Severn Trent has attended to sewer problems in Waterloo Street and Byrkley Street nine times in just over a year. This is affecting the local residents, including the East Staffordshire’s Children Centre, which is at risk of being flooded.

“We want people to remember the 3 P’s – that only paper, pee and poo is to go down the loo, and all fats, oils and greases from cooking should be binned rather than tipped down the kitchen sink,” said Laura. “By doing that, you’re helping to prevent your or your neighbour’s home from being flooded.”

Severn Trent recently invested just under half a million pound cleaning the sewer pipes in Burton and educating its residents on what should and shouldn’t go into the sewer network, but the problem still continues.

“Flooding can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, but by making small changes and working together, sewer problems in Burton could become a thing of the past,” said Laura.

Severn Trent encourages its customers to keep bins in the bathroom and offers a solution to fats, oils and grease by giving away free gunk pots.

To apply for your free gunk pot visit