Severn Trent volunteers provide new feature for Derbyshire reservoir

Friday 12 May 2017

Severn Trent has shown that teamwork makes the dream work after teaming up with contractors MWH, to deliver a new feature for Staunton Harold Reservoir.

The collaborative effort between both companies means that the visitor site based in Derbyshire, now has a brilliant new bird hide for all to enjoy.

Bill Stannard, from Severn Trent, which organised the project, said: “We were looking for a project that would allow Severn Trent and MWH to work together on something that would not only be hugely rewarding for ourselves, but beneficial to the community.

“Staunton Harold is located right by our Melbourne water treatment site – so we got in touch with the visitor site team to see if there’s anything we could do that would be valuable to our visitors. We were told that lots of people visit Staunton for the wildlife, but it’s lacking a bird hide. So we decided to join forces with MWH to fill that gap.”

The team from Severn Trent made use of the company’s internal volunteering scheme, called Community Champions, where employees are given two volunteering days a year to take part in projects designed to give something back to the communities in which the company operates.

Maurice Stokes, from contractors MWH, said: “I was passionate about this project when Severn Trent approached me with the idea, and the way it turned out on the day was a true demonstration of the collaboration and team working between Severn Trent and MWH.

“On the day, the Severn Trent volunteers’ commitment was exemplary, they experienced weather from every season, even sheltering from hailstones! However, that didn’t deter them from continuing on with care, thoughtfulness and pride to ensure they were leaving behind a hide that would last many, many years.”

Thanks to the Community Champions, visitors to Staunton Harold can now use the new bird hide on their visit, as well as taking advantage of the miles of walks, water sports, idyllic picnic spots and children’s play area at the reservoir.

“The day turned out to be a great example of team building and collaborative working, while giving something back to the community,” Bill adds.

If you’d like to visit Staunton Harold and check out the new bird hide for yourself, information to help plan your trip can be found at