Severn Trent urges farmers to sign up for environmental grants worth up to £30k

13th May 2024

Farmers in Worcestershire could get up to £30,000 to build a pesticide washdown area on their land and help protect the local environment – but time is running out.

Severn Trent is issuing a final call to farmers in the Worcestershire Middle Severn catchment before the funding window closes on May 31.

Through STEPS (Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme), farmers can apply for up to £20,000 of match funding to invest in sprayer washdown and handling areas. A further £5,000 is available for those adding rainwater harvesting equipment to the roofed area.

Dr Adam Freer, senior catchment scientist at Severn Trent, says if projects are completed within six months, a further 25% of the cost of the washdown area is available, up to a maximum of £30,000.

A handling and washdown area provides a dedicated space where pesticides can be safely loaded into the tank and acts as a safe area for housing and cleaning the sprayer.

“We’re urging farmers to take advantage of our STEPS funding to build a washdown area and help protect water quality across the region,” said Dr Freer.

The application deadline for other STEPS funding options remains open until 30 November 2024 and is available to all types of farms, for a wide range of land management improvements.

“For example, we’ve seen the funds being put towards pesticide biofilters and precision GPS for pesticides and non-chemical weed control on grassland,” adds Dr Freer.

*Click to find out more about STEPS funding, or contact your local Severn Trent agricultural adviser.