Severn Trent to introduce new one-way system as part of London Road work

Friday 8th February 2019

As part of its £60 million water and waste improvement scheme in Newark, Severn Trent is about to introduce new traffic management on its work on London Road next week.

The company is currently laying new sewer pipes along London Road into Bowbridge Road, and now needs to introduce a new one-way system to be able to complete the work safely.

Severn Trent, with partners BNM Alliance, is currently working in the town to improve the water and waste network to protect homes from flooding, and provide a reliable water supply for lasting generations.

Tim Sawyer, who’s leading the project for Severn Trent, says: “We’ve accomplished so much with our work in Newark, and as we come into our final year, we’re even closer to everyone being able to benefit from all the hard work that’s gone into making the project a success.

“This next stage, will see us progress our new sewer pipes along London Road, which will then be connected to the huge tunnel we created last year meaning the network can hold much more rainfall and waste water, helping prevent flooding in the town.”

BNM Alliance will be continuing to carry out work on behalf of the company, which will see a temporary one-way system in place on London Road between the junctions of Balderton Gate and Sherwood Avenue, starting on Monday. 

To reduce disruption for locals, Via East Midlands are also going to carry out improvement works to the traffic signals at the same time, with both companies working together under the same traffic management.Severn Trent is aiming for its latest work to be complete by the end of April.

“We’ve worked closely with Nottinghamshire County Council and Via East Midlands to plan this work to be done at the same time, so we can hopefully reduce any disruption by working alongside each other,” adds Tim. “We’re really sorry if this does cause an inconvenience, but it’s vital that our teams and other road users are kept safe during our work.”

Last year the company’s state-of-the-art tunnel boring machine, ‘The Siege Breaker’, completed its nine-month journey underground, creating a tunnel that is three kilometres long and big enough to drive a transit van through which will allow the sewers to cope in large storm events.

The multi-million pound project which began in 2016, is due to be complete by 2020 will see over 400 homes and businesses protected from sewer flooding.

• The one-way system will allow traffic coming into Newark to continue on London Road while traffic going out of Newark will be diverted onto Sherwood Avenue and Balderton Gate

• To maintain traffic flow, a temporary mini-roundabout will be installed at the junction of Sherwood Avenue and Balderton Gate.

• Bowbridge Road will also be closed for the laying of new sewers. Initially this closure will be at the London Road junction but will move steadily up towards Sydney Terrace.

• There will be a road closure on Earp Avenue whilst we are working on Bowbridge Road, to prevent vehicles using the adjoining estate to by-pass the traffic restrictions which could cause a danger to residents and school children.

• The upcoming sewer works will stop in the vicinity of Sydney Terrace, not extending as far as the entrance of Newark Hospital on Bowbridge Road. For those who usually access the Hospital via London Road,  a traffic diversion will be in place, guiding patients and visitors via Portland Street, Victoria Street and Boundary Road.