Severn Trent to begin water pipe replacement scheme in Woodhouse Eaves

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Water and waste company Severn Trent is to begin work in Woodhouse Eaves next week, as the company plan to replace aging waters to provide a reliable water supply.

The FTSE 100 Company will be working in the Leicestershire village in stages, with work starting on Breakback Lane.

Lisa Orme, from Severn Trent said: “This work is making sure that the locals will have a reliable water supply for years to come, as newer pipes are less likely to burst and cause problems.

“We want our customers to always have water when they need it, so by doing this work we’re making sure our network of pipes is in the best possible condition.”

Severn Trent working partners nmcm, will be carrying out the work on behalf of the company that will see the company starting on Breakback Lane, before moving onto Brand Hill, Church Hill and then finishing on Main Street, with work expected to be completed by September 2019.

“We can’t carry out this work safely without the use of traffic lights, so we’re sorry for any disruption this may cause, but it’s vital our teams and road users are kept safe as we work,” adds Lisa. “We really will appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we begin work in the village. When we’ve fully finished the project, the area will benefit from new water pipes that will serve the communities for years to come.”

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