Severn Trent teams keep the water on for key worker school

27th March 2020

This morning, teams from Severn Trent were on hand quickly at St. Michaels Catholic Primary School in Wolverhampton with tankers, after a burst water pipe had the potential to cause problems.

Engineers were able to use tankers to inject directly into the network, meaning water was back on before school started, so the school could remain open for the day.

James Davenport, Network Response Technician, from Severn Trent, explained: “This school is playing a real important part in looking after the children of key workers, so we absolutely had to jump into action quickly and make sure the water was back on.

“The last thing we’d want is the school having to close, as the parents of these children are working hard to keep the country running.”

Severn Trent’s Network Response Team have an important role in making sure water supplies remain on during the coronavirus outbreak, so the engineers are still out working to get to those places quickly where there’s problems so people have water.

The team use tankers to pump water directly into the network so in the event of a burst pipe, water supplies can be back on quickly, which is as important as ever right now.

“We’re really happy that in this instance the school remained open, and we can now focus on the fixing the pipe,” adds James. “We want to say a big thank you to everyone at the school for working with us to keep everyone safe, and maintain social distancing while we were on site.“