Severn Trent switches on new pumping station in Newark as part of £60m project

Thursday 14th February 2019

Severn Trent’s £60m water and waste investment in Newark has reached a new milestone, as the company has now switched on its new Terminal Pumping Station at Crankley Point.

The company, along with partners BNM Alliance, constructed the new pumping station that will help protect homes from sewer flooding.

Tim Sawyer, who’s leading the project for Severn Trent said: “We’ve designed this pump station to be able to cope with storm water which is produced during extreme weather, meaning along with the new bigger, better sewer system we have in place – our customers’ homes will be protected from the horrible consequences of sewer flooding.

“The pump station has two sets of pumps, one set pumps sewage into the treatment works, and the second set are used when there’s storms to manage the storm water, preventing  flooding onto the roads or people’s homes in the town.”

Severn Trent officially switched on the pumps this week and say that around 100 homes are now protected from the work done.

When fully complete next year, over 400 homes and businesses will benefit from the upgrades made to the town.

“We’re drawing closer to our time in Newark, and now all that’s left to do is connect everything that we’ve done together so the system can start to operate at its best,” adds Tim. “With the huge sewer tunnels we’ve put in, along with the pump station and the upgrades of the sewer pipes across the town, we’re confident that the worry of flooding in Newark will be a thing of the past.”

Severn Trent say that when the project is complete, Newark will benefit from 15 miles of new and improved water and sewer pipes, ensuring the town is protected from flooding and has a reliable water supply to last generations.