Severn Trent shows Nuneaton children the value of water on World Water Day

Thursday 22 March 2018

Severn Trent asked children at Chilvers Coton Community School what water meant to them at a special assembly held on World Water Day .

The company visited the school in Nuneaton to talk about the importance of water and also how they can save water as part Water Saving Week, which runs all this week.

Malcolm Smith, who gave the assembly, said: “It’s really important that people understand the huge role water plays in our everyday lives and that it’s not something we should ever take for granted.

“Clean water, proper toilets and good hygiene are essential parts of life, yet millions of people still don’t have access these basic services across the world. That’s why it’s vital we teach children that water is precious and shouldn’t be wasted, and show them that small actions can make big changes when it comes to saving water.”

Severn Trent supplies more than 8 million customers with around 1.8 billion litres of drinking water each day, which is the equivalent of 720 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The company encourages everyone to consider small changes like swapping baths for showers, or fixing leaky loos, to help customers save water in the home.

“The children were really engaged, and now they can encourage good water saving habits at home, while also appreciating how fortunate we are compared to those with no access to clean water, so it’s vital that we don’t waste it,” said Malcolm.

Malcolm’s top water saving tips:

•    Turn the tap off when brushing teeth, this can save nine litres of water;

•    Taking a quick shower instead of a bath, can save 40 litres of water;

•    Get a water butt, and water your garden and flowers with the collected rainwater;

•    Wash your car with a bucket and sponge, not a hosepipe – or just wash the windows, lights and mirrors; and

•    Watch out for a leaky loo – stuck buttons on dual flush toilets can waste hundreds of litres of water every day.