Severn Trent shares vision for its £76m Green Recovery project in Mansfield with Mansfield BID team

Thursday 10th February 2022

Severn Trent has met with the board representing local Mansfield businesses to share with them its exciting visualisations for its £76m flood alleviation investment in the town.

Mansfield is set to be transformed over the next three years with new sustainable urban drainage systems, that will see communities more resilient against the increasing threat of flooding from climate change, population growth and urban development for years to come in a trial never seen to this scale in the UK before.

The company shared visualisations at a meeting with Mansfield BID board members of the work it is leading on in the Town Centre. 

Adam Boucher, Programme Lead for Severn Trent said: “It’s been fantastic to be able to share our vision for Mansfield with local business representatives, as their support is absolutely vital in making sure this project is a success in the Town Centre.

“Through the project, we’re not only tackling the threat of flooding using innovative nature- based solutions, but with that will bring greener spaces and places for people to enjoy, giving more reason for people to come to the town which will hopefully boost footfall and visitors.

”We want to help make Mansfield a place for people to proud of, and we know through this project we’ll see benefits to the environment, and community wellbeing – so being able to share our visualisations is really exciting, and we’re excited to get going.”

Severn Trent will be looking to install around 15,000 green interventions across the district, in a series of ambitious projects set to take off in 2022. The company shared visualisations of what it envisages the Court House and Market Street area of the town will look like.

Severn Trent design partners Arup have created an artist impression of what Mansfield could potentially look like following the installation of the nature based solutions to help alleviate flooding in the town.

The images show designs for rain gardens that are proposed for Market Street and The Court House areas of the town.The artist impression is of both site proposals as they currently stand.

“This project is a real collaborative effort, not only between ourselves and Mansfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council but businesses and communities too,” adds Adam. “Throughout the project, there will be opportunities for communities to get involved, whether it be through teaming up with schools, customer groups, developers and businesses helping us to install these interventions.”

Executive Mayor of Mansfield Andy Abrahams said: “Severn Trent’s rain gardens in areas around the Market Place will help to alleviate the growing risk of flooding, as well as make Mansfield cleaner, greener and therefore healthier.

“The innovative Green Recovery programme fits perfectly with our own ambitious plans to make Mansfield more vibrant. Work will soon be starting on our own urban greening project to create attractive, environmentally-friendly green spaces in the town centre. This includes a memorial garden at the back of the Old Town Hall and a pocket park with a slide for youngsters on the existing green space, on the corner of Walkden Street and Quaker Way.

“All these improvements will help make Mansfield more attractive and encourage people to spend more time and therefore money in the town centre for the benefit of the local economy, our residents and visitors.”

Jay Rowlinson Chief Executive Mansfield BID said “Mansfield BID are very excited in the positive changes that Severn Trent will be bringing to Mansfield Town. As many parts of the country still continue to experience flooding and significant damage to homes, businesses and properties due to the ever present and worsening effects of climate change. The opportunity to introduce major flood defences into the town and surrounding areas, making the area much more resilient to flooding whilst also welcoming innovative nature based solutions bringing green places and spaces into the town will continue to develop the town centre as a whole and positively raise the profile and welcoming look of Mansfield Town Centre. We in Mansfield BID are communicating regularly with the Severn Trent project development team and ensuring the collective voice of our members is presented to Severn Trent, consistently highlighting our members thoughts, concerns and ideas to assist in the successful delivery of this major project and the positive effect it will have on our town. “

Jenna Simpson, who owns R&R Permanent Make-Up Studio and Beauty Training Mansfield Town Centre said: “I'm excited as a Mansfield business owner to see a big change in the town along with the Mansfield Plan too. The new rain gardens will bring a beautiful visual setting to the town and a vibrant buzz,  enticing new businesses and clientele in the near future. It is also good to hear that Severn Trent are doing what they can to protect the town from potential flooding.   I feel excited for what they are bringing to Mansfield and I look forward to working alongside Severn Trent.”

Councillor Neil Clarke MBE, Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “It is excellent to see these visualisations which really bring the scheme to life. “Not only will the measures included in the scheme be of significant benefit to residents and businesses in Mansfield in reducing the risk of flooding and its devastating impacts, but they will also mean that residents have more green, open spaces to enjoy. “We are really looking forward to seeing these visualisations become a reality over the course of the scheme.”  

Severn Trent is set to begin the first phase of the project in Spring 2022, where it will first roll out the interventions in Ravensdale, before moving into the Town Centre.