Severn Trent set to start work on £8.5 million treatment works upgrade

Monday 3rd June 2024

Severn Trent is preparing to start work on an £8.5 million project to improve river health around Doncaster.

The project – which will kick off on Monday 17th June – will see sewage treatment moved from the current Finningley Treatment Works to the nearby Branton site.

A new pumping station will be built at Finningley, and a three mile pipeline installed to connect to the Branton Sewage Treatment Works. The project is due for completion by May 2025.

Janine Griffiths, Community Communications Officer at Severn Trent said:
“Our Finningley Sewage Treatment Works is getting a little bit old now and we felt that it was a better use of money to transfer the flow to the larger operation at Branton.

“This will also mean that the treated water will be discharged back into a larger watercourse. While this water will have been through our rigorous treatment process, it may contain traces of things like ammonia, and by relocating the outfall to a larger watercourse, we’re able to offset the impact of these chemicals, no matter how small they might be.”

While the majority of the work will take place on private land, some roadworks will be required as the pipe is laid across roads.

A drop-in session has been organised for Tuesday 18th June at Blaxton Village Hall, Back Lane, Blaxton, DN9 3AJ, from 5pm-7pm, where the Severn Trent team will be on hand to meet the community, address any questions and discuss the project in detail.,

Janine added:
“Drop-in sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the community to ask any questions about the works and for our teams to learn more about the local area, and we’d encourage anyone who’s interested in these works to come along if they can.”

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