Severn Trent’s work to help secure supplies for the future in Derbyshire continues in Sawley 

Thursday 25 January 2024

Severn Trent’s project in Derbyshire that will see it help secure water supplies for the future is progressing well, as it’s due to start its next phase of work in Sawley on Monday (29th). 

The company started work in 2022 on the pioneering project - that’s seeing it create a new water treatment facility, Witches Oak Treatment Works, while also turning to nature to help pre-treat water by using floating wetlands.  

When complete, the company will be able to provide millions of extra litres of drinking water per day to the region, providing a secure and resilient supply for the future. 

Now teams are set to begin the last phase of work, where teams will be installing pipes across Wilne Road and along Sawley Road.   

Kye Ettridge, Severn Trent Delivery Business Lead, said: “Our work in creating the new treatment works has been going really well, and we’re now at the stage where we need to start laying the new pipes to help start connecting everything together. 

“This pipe will be taking water from the new treatment works to the Derwent Valley Aqueduct, ready to go to our customers. This investment for the future will help reduce the risk of water scarcity, and challenges from climate change and population growth – as we’re creating more water sources to help make sure our customers have water when they need it.”  

As well as creating a new water supply, the project will use floating wetlands as a nature-based pre-treatment solution to work in harmony with the new Witches Oak treatment works, providing a more sustainable carbon friendly treatment, while improving biodiversity. 

“While this is a really exciting step in the project, I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience our work may cause and thank our customers in for their patience and understanding as our teams work as quickly and as safely as possible to lay the pipes and return the area back to normal.” Kye added.  

In order to keep Severn Trent teams and other road users safe, there will be a road closure of Sawley Road just after the Wilne Lane junction from 29 January to 1 March to allow the pipe to be laid across the road.  

There will also be a lane closure of Sawley Road from that junction, up to just before Draycott, with two-way traffic lights from 29 January to 8 May, as a pipe is laid along the road (see map for locations).