Severn Trent offers customers free home water efficiency checks

20th June 2023

Customers in the Severn Trent region are being offered free home water efficiency checks, which could help them use less water and reduce their household bills.

The checks are completely free of charge, with an expert Severn Trent engineer visiting the customer’s property to look at their current water use and check for simple leaks on taps, toilets and showers, which they’ll repair if possible. They can also fit water saving products such as low-flow showerheads or cistern displacement devices, and share tips and advice.

While Severn Trent will proactively contact metered customers who supply unusually high readings, the service is available to all customers, whether they use a water meter or receive a flat-rate bill.

Sophie Evans-Young, Customer Demand Lead at Severn Trent, said: “The pressures to our water supplies from climate change and a growing population, coupled with the ongoing cost of living crisis makes it more important than ever before to ensure that your home is as water efficient as possible.

“Customers may be losing a significant amount of water each year through leaks that they may be unaware of. Something like a leaking loo could be costing customers £300 a year which is a huge amount of money for something which could be easily fixed.

“We really want as many people as possible to know about this absolutely free service. If we find a simple leak that we’re not able to repair, we will provide the customer with details for a WaterSafe approved plumber in their area.”

“This helps to ensure that you're not losing water to leaks and can help to lower household bills. While this is particularly important as we come into the summer, it’s something that we all need to consider year-round.”

By making a few small changes to the ways that they use water, an average family of four could see savings of up to £1,300 a year by:

·         Cutting daily shower times from 10 to 5 minutes - £700 a year

·         Switching off taps when brushing their teeth - £100 a year

·         Fixing a leaky toilet - £300 a year

·         Changing to a low-flow shower head - £100 a year

·         Cutting out two dishwasher runs per week by only running with full loads - £75 a year

·         Cutting out two washing machine runs per week by only running with full loads - £50 a year

·         Dripping tap (2 drips/sec) - £15 a year

·         Constantly dripping taps - £90 a year

Customers may see an additional saving by switching to a water meter free of charge, as they only pay for what they use, which could generate savings vs a flat-rate bill.

Customers who suspect they might have a leaking tap, toilet or shower can send a video to an expert Severn Trent engineer.

For more information on how to report a suspected leak using the Vyn platform, visit and click on Send us a video of your problem or issue on the homepage.

If customers have any questions or to book a home water efficiency check, they can call 0330 159 5070 between 8am - 4pm, Monday to Friday to speak to one of the team.