Severn Trent launches grant scheme for customers as part of £78m project for Coventry

Friday 19th August 2022

Severn Trent has launched a new grant available to customers, as part of its £78m Green Recovery supply pipe replacement scheme in Coventry.

The grant will be available to customers who would like to have their lead, leaking or joint supply pipe replaced, and opt to choose an industry-approved (or qualified) plumber of their choice to carry out the work.

Severn Trent will contribute a substantial amount of money to help cover the cost of the replacement, meaning customers will save money and have their pipe replaced, while having the choice of who carries out the work and when.

The grant will support Severn Trent’s commitment to replace 25,000 customer owned supply pipes in Coventry, bringing benefits such as saving money, reducing the chance of leaks or bursts and removing the risks associated with lead pipes.

Laura Bingham, Severn Trent’s Green Recovery team said: “This is a really exciting project for Coventry, and by introducing the grant for customers, it means even more people can get involved and have a choice about their supply pipe replacement.

“While our teams will be working in areas across the City over the next few years, the grant option for customers means anyone who may not be in an area we’re working in, or who wants their pipe replaced sooner – now has that option to, with the support of a cash grant.

“The extra bonus with this, is that we’ve had plumbers interested who are happy to work with us to deliver this ambitious project, so we’re also helping to support plumbers and businesses at a time following the pandemic and cost of living crisis, it’s needed most.”

Severn Trent’s Grant model will see plumbers provided with a substantial amount of money to help cover the costs of the work on behalf of the customer, and means the process of replacing their supply pipe can begin sooner rather than waiting for Severn Trent to be working in their area. 

The company will be replacing the 25,000 pipes over the next three years through a variety of ways, using their own teams, contractors and now, the option for plumbers of the customer’s choice.

“This project will truly make a huge difference to Coventry, and see those living here be part of something that involves a major upgrade for the water network,” adds Laura. “Not only will we be replacing customer owned pipes, saving those people money and ensuring their supply pipe is of top quality and less likely to cause issues, but we will be installing smart meters so we can have a bigger understanding of where water is being used, and find and fix any leaks faster, so it’s a real win win.

“And by also working with local plumbers, we’re providing customers with the option of using a plumber of their choice and a grant to carry out the work themselves. This will support local plumbers and help provide more work, supporting businesses post-pandemic and means the customer has more control about who does the work and when they’ll do it, with substantial help from the grant.”

To find out more about the lead pipe replacement scheme happening in Coventry as part of its Green Recovery, and to get involved visit here