Severn Trent issues cold weather reminder following weather alert

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Following the issue of a Level 3 Cold Weather Alert by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) covering all of England until the end of the week, Severn Trent is reminding customers on how they can protect their home this winter.

Head of Water Treatment, Stephanie Cawley, said: “As the weather gets colder the likelihood of customers experiencing frozen pipes on their property increases. Although we are not responsible for the pipework inside homes, we have plenty of advice for what customers can do if they find a frozen pipe on their property.

“Freezing temperatures followed by a sudden thaw can lead to pipes leaking and bursting. This is why we’d love our customers to spread these important messages with their friends, family and neighbours to make sure we all weather the winter together.”

Severn Trent’s top winter tips:

    - Wrap all pipework, fittings, and storage tanks in unheated areas of your home (such as lofts, roofs, outbuildings and garages) with insulation. Severn Trent is offering free pipe lagging this winter for customers through it’s Get Water Fit initiative while stocks last. Waterproof foam lagging can also be found at your local DIY store

    - If you have outside taps, either insulate them or drain them down to the pipework that links to the tap - Severn Trent is also offering ‘tap jackets’ through it’s Get Water Fit initiative while stocks last

    - Make sure that you and other members of your household know where your stop tap is located so that it can be reached quickly in an emergency, and most importantly, check that it’s working properly

    - If you spot a leak while you’re out and about you can report it here:

    - If you’re planning on visiting one of Severn Trent’s visitor sites this winter, remember to watch your step, wear appropriate footwear and if ice forms on the reservoir surface please do not attempt to walk on it

    - Severn Trent has a Priority Services Register – to make sure those who need extra help in case of issues with supply are supported and encourages customers, friends, or family to let them know of anyone who might benefit from being checked on, or who needs a certain supply in case of an issue on the network -

    - If you do have a problem with your water supply this winter, with either low pressure or no water coming out of your taps, first check to see if your neighbours are having similar trouble. This will help establish if the issue is on Severn Trent’s network or on your own supply pipe. If your neighbours’ water supply is normal it is likely that you will need to call a plumber. If more than one household is affected, you’ll need to ring Severn Trent’s 24-hour emergency number to report the problem - 0800 783 4444

More tips on preparing your home for winter can be found here:

Advice on what to do if your pipes are frozen:

You can order free pipe and tap jackets this year via Severn Trent’s Get Water Fit initiative while stocks last -