Severn Trent is preparing for Storm Christoph and issues advice to customers

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Severn Trent is preparing for Storm Christoph as warnings for heavy rain and flooding have been issued across most of the Midlands.

The company is on standby for any issues with sewer flooding, and is advising its customers to also get familiar with who to contact should they come into any problems.

Chris Giles, Head of Waste Network Operations said: “We really hope that Storm Christoph doesn’t bring any issues for our customers but, if it does, then we’re prepared to help and support those who need us. We’ve got more teams and tankers on standby, and we’ll be closely monitoring areas at risk of sewer flooding due to heavy rainfall. 

"It’s also important that everyone knows who to call if they experience flooding, as different organisations are responsible for different types of flooding, so anyone affected can get the right organisations to help them.”

Here’s who to contact, if faced with any of the following flooding:

Large river flooding – Environment Agency.

Highway flooding (Rain water flooding roads or pathways) Local authority or Highways Agency.

Minor river or stream flooding – Local authority.

Sewer flooding (sewage present or flooding from a manhole) Severn Trent.

“Also if the flooding is just rainwater, it will drain away when the heavy rain stops. However if there is any sewage clearly present then please contact us so we can get a team out to help.

“While we really hope no one is faced with any issues, we want to assure everyone that we’re here and will be doing our best to help anyone affected by sewer flooding.”

Anyone needing to report sewer flooding to Severn Trent can do so by visiting and using web chat or report a problem, calling 0800 783 444, or tweeting us at @stwater.