Severn Trent invites Shropshire locals to save thousands of pounds through its Green Recovery scheme

24th November 2022

Water company Severn Trent, is offering customers living in Bomere Heath, and the surroundings area, the chance to save thousands of pounds - by having their old, lead supply pipes replaced, at no cost to them.

The work is part of a wider £78m project as part of its Green Recovery programme, where it’s committed to replacing 26,000 customer owned supply pipes in its region across parts of Shropshire, and most of Coventry.

Now, the company want to meet the residents in and around the village of Bomere Heath to share more about this incentive that could save them thousands of pounds, prevent leaks and improve water quality.

The company will host a community event to meet with locals to talk about the scheme as well as provide a free meal and more information on Severn Trent projects and schemes that could be of benefit to them – including saving money off their bill and saving water.

Leon Williams, Severn Trent Community Officer said: “We’re really excited to be able to offer residents the chance to have their supply pipe replaced for free. People may not know that they own their supply pipe, let alone potentially have one that is older and lead, which could pose not only health risks, but with a pipe that old could easily burst or leak and cause problems, that would be the homeowners responsibility to fix.

“Through this ambitious project, we’re looking to replace the lead water supply pipes with a new, industry-standard plastic pipe. This could cost normally up to around £3,000 if it bursts or leaks, but we’re offering it at no cost, so it really is a great opportunity to get involved with. This project will help shape how the rest of the industry looks to replace customer owned pipes, so the work we’re setting out to do in Bomere really will be industry changing, and an exciting thing to be part of. That’s why we’re going to be in Bomere Heath next week, so we can meet with the community and they can find out of their eligible to have their pipe replaced, as well find out more about why we’re doing this work and how it will benefit them.”

Teams from Severn Trent will be Bomere Heath Village Hall on Monday 28th November 2022 from 12pm to 7.30pm.

As well as finding out about the project, Severn Trent will be providing a free meal and have teams to talk about paying bills and how to save water and what else is taking place in Shropshire that will be of interest, such as its Bathing Rivers project.

“This project will truly make a huge difference to the area and see those living here be part of something that involves a major upgrade for the water network,” adds Leon. “Not only will we be replacing customer owned pipes, saving those people money and ensuring their supply pipe is of top quality and less likely to cause issues, but it will also mean less dosing at our water treatment works, which is better for the environment as we will have removed any risks associated with customer lead pipes that requires the extra treatment. So it’s a real win win!”