Severn Trent invites customers to find out about brand new pipes for Farndon

We're inviting customers to a drop in session to hear about our plans to replace old leaky water pipes in Farndon.

To make sure our customers’ taps and toilets keep working, we'll be investing over £260,000 to replace nearly two kilometres of pipes on Sibbersfield Lane. 

Catherine Webb, Community Officer, explains: “As water pipes get old, they can grow weaker leading them to crack or burst, and this stretch of pipe has burst several
times in recent years.  We want to make sure our customers’ water supply is always there when they need it, and that’s why we’re investing a huge amount of money to lay brand new water pipes in this area.  When pipes burst, it’s an emergency job and we just have to get on and fix them, which is often disruptive for the local community.  We’re going to be replacing the old, brittle, metal pipes with new plastic pipes that are much more reliable, and the work will be planned in a way that gives the local community the least amount of inconvenience. 

“We’re keen to tell the local community all about our plans, so we’re holding a drop-in session on Tuesday 10 December in Farndon War Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Farndon, CH3 6QD, between 4pm and 7pm.

“We understand that this is a sensitive, widely used road and so we’d encourage local people to come along to the drop-in session.  They can meet the team and learn more about our work, but also give their views - after all, the people who know the area best are the local residents. This work could be tricky, and while we think we’ve found the best way of laying the pipes with the minimum impact, we’re hoping that by talking to the community, they’ll help us to find those little gems of information which can make a huge difference to our plans.”

The work is due to start early in January, and will take place between Barton Road and Chester Road.

Catherine added: “We know that we may cause some inconvenience for the local community, and we’d like to apologise to anyone who will be affected by this work, and to ask for their patience.  Once this work is complete, the area will have a modern, reliable water network that will last for generations.