Severn Trent invite Nottinghamshire locals to a unique open day

Tuesday 21st March 2017

People living in Keyworth are now in the know about what happens when you flush the loo after Severn Trent opened the doors to its Keyworth sewage treatment works and invited locals in.

The company has recently completed a £1.2 million project improving the treatment process at the works and took the opportunity to show the residents everything that has been done, which also gave the locals the unique opportunity to find out exactly what happens to their waste water after it leaves their homes.

Severn Trent area manager, Christine Naylor said: “Few people ever think about what happens to the waste water after they flush, so we invited people to come in and to find out exactly how we treat and clean the waste water before returning it to the environment.

“We’ve recently made major improvements to Keyworth Sewage Treatment Works by installing new equipment that filters waste water to an even higher standard. This removes more chemicals and so increases the quality of the local watercourse. We’re really passionate about the environment, so we were keen to show the local community how our work is making a very real difference. The open day was a huge success, with a great turn out, and now everyone understands a little better what happens when they flush the loo or pull the plug.”

Keyworth sewage treatment works serves around 800 residents in the area. Work on the £1.2 million project was carried out by contract partners, NMCNomenca.

“Now we’ve made the improvements to the sewage treatment works, we’d also encourage local people to think before they flush,” said Christine.

“Our sewers and treatment works are designed to deal with poo, pee and toilet paper – when people flush or wash away the wrong items it clogs up the sewer system, causing blockages and sewer flooding. By simply bagging and binning items like nappies, wipes, sanitary products and cooking fat, you can help prevent nasty blocked sewers – let’s work together to keep our sewers clear!.”