Severn Trent foils burst pipe to keep the water on for key-worker school

Earlier today teams from Severn Trent were on hand at Donisthorpe Primary School in Leicestershire to repair a burst pipe, helping the school to stay open so the staff there can look after the children of key workers.

Mark Ginocchio, Network Response Technician, from Severn Trent, explained: “This morning we were called out to a burst pipe which was threatening the water supplies for Donisthorpe Primary School.  The school is staying open to look after the children of key workers in the area, meaning they can go to work to keep the country running.  The last thing we wanted was
the school to close due to not having any water.  So we sent our tankers to the rescue.  The tankers injected water directly into the water pipe outside the school and kept the water on.

“Some of our teams are getting a bit of stick today for being out and about, but we want to reassure everyone that we’re only doing the jobs that are absolutely necessary to keep water supplies on, taps flowing and toilets flushing.

“We want to say a huge Thank You to everyone at the school for working with us to keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing while we were on site.“

Severn Trent is still on hand, 24/7 to help anyone with a water or sewage emergency, get in touch here or on 0800 783 4444.