Severn Trent encourages customers to save water, whatever the weather

Thursday 27 June 2019

From heavy rain to heatwaves, the great British weather does like to keep the country on its toes.

And as the weather goes from one extreme to another, Severn Trent is continuing to remind its customers to always be thinking about saving water, whatever the weather.

With temperatures set to soar this weekend, the company wants its customers to be doing their bit and using water wisely.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager at Severn Trent said: “Although so far this summer has been a bit of a mixed bag, saving water is very much something we should be doing all year round. 

“This rain has been perfect for filling up those water butts nicely, in preparation for weekends like this when we can expect to see temperatures rocket, however,  there’s a good chance the rain will appear quickly again, so there’s probably no need to water the garden so you can focus on enjoying the weather.”

Severn Trent asks its customers to help save water in the home all year round by making small changes, like showering for a minute less, as it can save up to 1,500 litres per person per year. (That’s like 6,000 cups of tea a year!)

The company also encourages using water butts in gardens, as hundreds of litres can be saved by simply collecting rain water on those rainy, wet days instead of using drinking water to water plants. 

“We know the temptation will be there to cool down this weekend, and we absolutely want everyone to use water and have fun! So, instead of filling up the paddling pool, why not use water balloons instead – this saves hundreds of litres of water, and in our opinion a lot more fun!” Adds Doug.“Easy, simple changes to how we use water can make a real difference. Most of us are in the habit of recycling now, so we need everyone to get into the habit of saving water too.”

Doug’s top tips for saving water:

• Take a short shower (average 40 litres a time) instead of taking a bath (80 litres);

• Watch out for leaking loos;

• Use a water butt in the garden to collect rain water, and use this to water the plants;

• Only use the dishwasher when it’s full; and

• Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth.