Severn Trent creates 1,000 new jobs for the Midlands and gears up for multibillion pound investment in the region 

Wednesday 24th May 2023

Severn Trent has announced plans to create 1,000 new jobs and will increase its existing financial support for up to 50,000 of customers who need it most. Today (24 May 2023), the Midlands FTSE 100 company has confirmed that in the next two years it will:


·       Support 315,000 people a year with paying their water bill, up to 50,000 of these customers will now also receive additional financial debt support

·       Create 1,000 new jobs in the region, including its biggest ever intake of 130 new skilled apprenticeships

·       Deliver an investment programme worth more than £2.5bn on network improvements and projects spanning the entire Midlands


Severn Trent is committed to creating long term jobs, investing at a huge scale in the region and financially supporting more customers than ever before.  As unemployment rates rise and the cost-of-living crisis continues*, Severn Trent is helping to buck this trend by bolstering job security and creating long terms jobs, helping ease financial pressure for customers and committing to ongoing investment in skills and development.

As part of its new jobs for the region, Severn Trent is also set to take on 65 graduate placements and 60 summer internships, and will welcome 130 new apprentices this year, its largest ever intake.

The 1,000 new jobs for the Midlands builds on the company’s ten year programme to help 100,000 people out of water poverty by 2032, giving people the skills and support to help find work. The programme will have also provided up to 4,800 work experience placements aimed at providing opportunities for schoolchildren living in some of the most deprived areas across its region.

Whilst the Severn Trent bill remains the second lowest in the country, with people receiving water and wastewater service for just over £1 per day, the company recognises the financial pressures customers face, given over 48,000 people joined its affordability schemes in the last year. By 2025, Severn Trent will support 315,000 customers a year, with some receiving a reduction of up to 90%.  And taking support even further, up to 50,000 of these customers will now also get help from a new Big Difference Plus scheme to receive additional debt support.

Liv Garfield, Chief Executive, Severn Trent , said: Creating job opportunities, continuing significant regional investment, and financially supporting more customers than ever before is made possible by the strong results we have delivered this year.

“At a time when unemployment rates in our region are increasing and the cost-of-living crisis is still front and centre of many customers’ minds, we are proud to be able to create 1,000 jobs in our region over the next couple of years and to further help up to 50,000 customers with financial support. This, coupled with our long-term programme to help people into work, go towards truly supporting the communities we serve.

“This support is being delivered whilst continuing with the multibillion-pound investment in the region to improve water and waste services, providing an exceptional service and investing in our people who go above and beyond every day to make a positive impact in our region. We are expecting the biggest investment period the sector has ever seen, with a focus on water resources, improving environmental standards and on Net Zero, and we feel more than ready for this exciting opportunity ahead of us.”

As part of commitments being announced today, Severn Trent has pledged to complete an investment programme worth £2.5bn on a series of projects spanning the Midlands, creating thousands of jobs through its supply chain.  This demonstrates the significant importance being placed on the region and investing millions of pounds to improve river health, secure water supplies and replace over 200 miles of new pipes to improve services for customers during the next two years.


As part of its annual 22/23 results announcement today, Severn Trent also shared:

·       As a result of millions of pounds spent moving water around the network and the outstanding response from customers in being mindful about their water usage through last year’s hot and dry summer, the Severn Trent region has avoided having a hosepipe ban for nearly 30 years;

·       The company is firmly on track to reduce leakage by 50% by 2045;

·       Progress one year on from announcing its commitment to protect and improve the health of the region’s rivers with results showing impact from its operations has reduced by one third in one year.  Severn Trent is moving faster, in some cases 20 years ahead of targets set out by regulators and the Get River Positive pledges have made a difference across its region over the last 12 months including investing £100 million a year on improving infrastructure