Severn Trent completes £2m water improvement project in Market Harborough

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Severn Trent has completed it’s £2 million water pipe renewal project in Market Harborough.

The company started last year and has now finished work replacing five km of water pipes across the town, ensuring locals can enjoy a reliable water supply for years to come.

Lisa Orme, Community Communications Officer said: “This has been a brilliant project, and we’re so thankful for everyone’s continued support and understanding as we made these essential improvements to the town.

“Now we’re finished, we can be assured that the network is in the best possible condition which means we’ve massively reduced the risk of pipes bursting and causing problems in the area, something we always want to avoid.”

Severn Trent working partners Amey carried out the work on behalf of the company, which saw new pipes laid in roads including Great Bowden Road, Rockingham Road and Kettering Road.

“We know that there’s never a good time to have traffic management in place, especially on well-used road, so we really can’t thank everyone living in Market Harborough enough for their patience, and now we’ve finished they can start to enjoy the benefits from the project.

“It was also really important to us that when we complete the work, that we were able to leave the area looking great, and better than before we started. So when it was suggested to us by residents to plant wildflowers on Rockingham Road, we knew we wanted to deliver this last final touch to finish up the project. Not only do the flowers make the area look lovely, but it’s also now a new home for local wildlife like butterflies and bees.”